A contemporary dance performance entitled: #Actus_for_Vjosa will take place on Sunday, October 30 at the Spiritual Center of the Municipality of Ioannina, with free entry.

The action is organized by the organizations Pindos Perivallontiki and MedINA and the Heinrich Bell Foundation – Thessaloniki Office.

It will start at 18:30 with a discussion entitled “Aoos/Vjosa: defending our environmental heritage”. Aoos (in Albanian Vjosa) is the last river in Europe that flows freely, without dams and other artificial obstacles. For the Albanian part of Aoos, the process of joining it to a national park is underway. On Greek territory, 2/3 of the river is in a protected area. An attempt is being made to extend the protection regime to the remaining 1/3.

As for the contemporary dance performance that will follow, it is a project dedicated to the protection of the river, where dancers from all over the world participate. The project has already been presented in Albanian cities and is a production of the group “was bleibt kollektiv” with choreographer Gentian Doda.