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The Vjosa/Aoos river Ecomuseum, is the main outcome of a project, currently implemented by four organizations in Greece and Albania in cooperation with the network of representatives of the local communities. The Ecomuseum will be supported by a trilingual guide, describing its routes, a website and a virtual tour. It is expected to open for the public in Autumn 2013.


The Vjosa/Aoos river Ecomuseum is a transboundary museum without walls, focusing on the living heritage of the local population. Structured along four thematic routes and through the active involvement of the local communities, it aims to portray the identity of the wider area of the Vjosa/Aoos river in both Greece and Albania.


An Ecomuseum is a dynamic way in which communities themselves preserve, interpret and manage their heritage for the sustainable development of their area. In this spirit, everyone, who is willing to contribute to this endeavor, is welcome to participate and become member of the Vjosa/Aoos river Ecomuseum network.