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It is a mountainous area on the border with Albania, at an altitude of 200-1806 meters and with an area of ​​210 hectares. At higher altitudes there are extensive areas with alpine pastures and coniferous forest sections. Lower down, shrubs and deciduous forest dominate. Human activities are animal husbandry, hunting, and forestry. The habitats that make up the area are: Artificial landscapes (5%: Landslides), Rocky areas (5%: Inland steep cliffs), Forests and forest areas (60%: Broad-leaved deciduous forests, Natural coniferous forests), Meadows (20% : Alpine and subalpine meadows), Shrubs (20%: Hardwood shrubs, garlic and macchia).

The area is protected nationally at a low level and not at all internationally. The 13,500 acres of the Important Bird Area (SPA) are Wildlife Refuge (Panagia-Kourouza-Makralexi / Lavdani-Ag. Marina Pogo) and 199,060 acres of the area are covered by the Special Protection Zone GR2120009. The area is home to predators such as Neophron percnopterus (Egyptian vulture), Aquila chrysaetos (Golden Eagle), Falco naumanni (lesser kestrel) and birds such as the protected Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax (Red-billed cough) and Monticola saxatilus (Common rock thrush). The main threats are hunting, the use of poisoned baits and the opening of roads. In addition to the threats are added the abandonment / reduction of land management (moderate), the rural intensification (low) and the development of infrastructure (moderate).