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Lake Ziros (also known as “Ziros”) is located 2 km west of the provincial road Arta – Filippiada – Ioannina opposite the community of Pantanassa Arta. Administratively, at an altitude of just 56 meters and geographically it belongs to three municipalities: Filippiada (Preveza Prefecture), Thesprotiko (Preveza Prefecture) and Xirovouni (Arta Prefecture). From January 1, 2011, with the Law of Kallikrates, Lake Ziros completely falls into the new Municipality of Ziros, with its capital Filippiada, except for a forest section accessible from Arta-Ioannina Street which belongs to the Pantanassa cadastre of the Municipality of Arta.

The name of Lake Ziros has Slavic origins (from Ozero (lake)), apparently a remnant of the medieval settlement of the area by Slavic tribes. Lake Zirou is an important attraction, reminiscent of a Swiss landscape. It is a small but infinitely natural lake with alpine features, which is accompanied by various myths especially in the way it was created. With the rich alternation of natural vegetation on its shores and the touring paths that have been created, it is an attraction for visitors. However, the lake was relatively unknown to the public, because it was not on the tourist maps with a scale below 1: 300,000 (Fourikis 2007, Gouvas 2009). The lake area is a unique habitat, almost untouched by humans. It has an area of ​​420 acres and is surrounded by lush vegetation with many species of trees and other plants. The beauty and serenity of the lake, which is offered for relaxing walks and cycling on its shores, enchant the visitor.