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Limnopoula or Limnoula is a seasonal (winter) lake located 0.7 km southwest of the villages of Krystallopigi and Kefalovrysso near the town of Paramythia in Epirus and covers an area of ​​133 hectares. In 1988 a drainage ditch was built on one side of the lake, but the drainage process has not been completed yet and the lake is flooded in winter with water, reaching a maximum depth of 10 meters. In addition, the lake naturally drains from three sinks on its south side. During the summer, wet meadows are formed fed by springs where about half of the exposed bottom is cultivated and half is grazed. A significant part of the lake is covered by hydrophilic vegetation with Pragmites communis and Scirpus bolboschoenus. The original spawning communities have been severely degraded due to grazing and are no longer pure. On the south side of the lake the wicker (Vitex agnus-castus) forms a peripheral zone of well-developed shrubs. Near the sinks there is during the summer season, dried Char asp. on the ground and on the stones. The hills south and west of the lake are densely covered with characteristic hardwood species of Quercion ilicis and in particular of the plant community Andrachno-Quercetum ilicis. Juniperus oxycedrus forms clusters at the border of Andrachno-Quercetum ilicis.

Limnopoula is protected as an Important Area for birds and its importance lies in its special ecosystem, which is a typical wetland that supplies water to the surrounding area and provides wet meadows for grazing during the summer. The hydrophilic vegetation offers habitats to remarkable fauna. The plant community of Andrachno-Quercetum ilicis is in very good ecological condition. The presence of Fraxinus angustifolia is important, whose populations are degraded and need protection. From a zoological point of view, the importance of the lake is focused on the presence of endemic fish and large populations of amphibians and marsh turtles. There is also a remarkable bird fauna with a rare order.