Roadless areas

The project “Areas without roads and sustainable development in Greece” and acronym “ROADLESS” aims to delimit the extended AwR, in order to achieve their future introduction in the spatial planning of the country. This clear demarcation will contribute positively to the achievement of three key Sustainable Development Goals (SBAs) that are part of the 6th national priority: “Strengthening the protection and rational management of natural capital as a basis for social prosperity and the transition to a low carbon economy”. In addition, the project will be an important tool in tackling the loss and fragmentation of natural ecosystems as defined by the European SEBI Index 13. The results produced will contribute to the European Biodiversity Strategy, the implementation of the Habitats and Species Directives, to maintain and improve the ecosystems and services they provide and to prevent the loss of biodiversity worldwide.

  • Pindos Perivallontiki
  • University of Ioannina
  • Scientific Project Manager: Assoc. Prof. V. Kati

Green Fund, Measure “Innovative Actions with Citizens” – Funding program “Natural Environment & Innovative Environmental Actions”.


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