| Other Actions, Projects

2001: Research, collection, writing of texts and photographs, for the information centers of North Pindos: Asprangelon, Vovousa, Metsovo, Milia and Mesovouni, within the framework of the EPPER program. of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning Collaboration of “Pindos Environmental” and “Arcturus”

2002: ETERPS Program (Information and public awareness for the species of wild goat, rupicapra rupicapra) -Pindos Environmental – Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning: 2002

2002: ETERPS Program (Ornithological biodiversity of ostrich-like birds in the national park of Pindos and operation of the information kiosks of Milea and Vovousa) Pindos Environmental – Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works.

2006-2007: LEADER + (2000-2006) measure 1.4 protection, promotion and utilization of the natural environment. “Environmental awareness and protection of wild goats and other rare species of fauna {ostrich-shaped birds and helicopters} in areas of the NATURA 2000 network of the Prefecture of Ioannina”. Pindos Environmental – EPIRUS SA 2006-2007.

2011-2012: BUDGET BENEFICIAL WORK PROGRAM: Participation in the operational program: “Human resource development Priority axis 7: Facilitate access to employment. Creation of jobs at the local level through public benefit programs, in the Region of Epirus “. Recruitment of 167 young unemployed and five-month employment in the Municipality of Zagori, Municipality of Metsovo, Vikos – Aoos & Pindos National Parks Management Agency, Tzoumerka Peristeri National Park Management Agency, Eraponos and Porematis Echeonis Lake Pamvotida’s Management Body.

2012-2014: Participation in the European Program: Interreg Crecce -Albania -IPA Cross Border program 2007-2013. (VAEcoM. The Vjosa / Aoos river eco-museum promotion and protection of the natural and cultural heritage of the Vjosa / Aoos river basin). Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Man – Pindos Environmental – Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania – The Forest Service Directorate in Permet.

2015: Participation in a program related to nomadic animal husbandry in the Mediterranean, organized by the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Man (Med-INA) in collaboration with the Vikos-Aoos and Pindos National Parks Authority, and the Eco-Museum of river Aoos.


2002: Publication of a magazine for the National Parks of Vikos – Aoos and Pindos – Valia Calda. Collaboration of “Pindos Environmental” with the Prefecture of Ioannina, 2001. Reprint 2002-2003-2004-2005-2006. Published in English, Italian and German. Pages 50.
2003: Publication of a book entitled: “Wild goat on the verge of survival”, by Charitakis Papaioannou. Cooperation of “Pindos Environmental” with the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. Page 90
2006: Recording digitization and scientific documentation of the stone bridges of Epirus »PEP Epirus 2000-2006-University of Ioannina (Digitization photography recording 180 stone bridges 2006).
2006: North Pindos National Park. Published by the Prefecture of Ioannina, 2006 reissued in 2007. Published in English, Italian and German.
2008: Konitsa-Mastorochoria. – Ecotourism guide- Pages 290. Published by Epirus SA Prefecture of Ioannina published in 2008.