Saving Europe's Last Free Flowing Wild River Vjosa-Aoos

The Aoos / Vjosa River flows in the cross-border area between Greece and Albania and is one of the last free and wild rivers in Europe. It is a haven for many endangered or endangered species in other parts of Europe, including the European eel & Oxynoemacheilus pindus. Internationally, what makes our river even more special is the fact that almost all of its important tributaries have not been intervened, thus creating a unique network of rivers and small streams that swell with life. However, this enormous wealth hidden in the Aoos and adding incalculable value to Europe’s natural heritage is threatened by the construction of 40 hydroelectric projects, which will put the river ecosystem in irreparable danger.
If these plans are realized, they will turn the entire Aoos catchment into a series of water reservoirs, which will interrupt the natural flow of the river and the natural functions of its living organisms..

Pindos Perivallontiki and its partner partners are working together to establish the first Aoos-Vjosa Transboundary National Park, which will be the only one of its kind in Europe. The establishment of the Transboundary Park will act as a deterrent to the catastrophic developments that will disrupt its ecosystem, while allowing new opportunities for a more sustainable development in the region, and more humane solutions for the local communities that have shaped their identity for so many years. , next to this natural wealth … the river AOOS – VJOSA!

  • Raising awareness of more and more citizens about the existing dangers.
  • Identification and utilization of any legal tool that could contribute to the respect of the existing environmental commitments, but also to the prevention of any additional burden on the river..
  • Creating the necessary conditions that will allow local communities to express themselves and reflect on the energy model they wish to follow..
  • Highlighting the special characteristics of the natural and man-made environment of the Aoos basin through scientific research.
  • Promoting the idea of ​​designating a transnational park that would guarantee the protection of the river along its entire length, from the springs to the estuary.

EcoAlbania, EuroNatur Foundation, RiverWatch, IUCN ECARO, MedINA “Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos”, INHERIT “The Institute for Heritage & Sustainable Human Development (on behalf of MedINA)”, Pindos Perivallontiki, Tour du Valat, Wetlands International – European Association

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